Volume of Cube
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Volume of Cube

- Cube Volume Diagonal Length

Cube Space Diagonal

A cube with a side length (S) of 4 has a maximum diagonal line length through the space (volume) (L) of 6.9282.

Cube Space Diagonal Formula

for cubes the maximum length of a diagonal line through the interior space (volume) L and a side length S

  • L = S√3

substitute the side length S with the measured value, in this example lets use a side length of 4

  • L = 4√3

now use the square root function on your calculator to find the square root of 3 then multiply your answer by the side length of 4

  • L = 5.769
Cube Space Diagonal Length

The maximum length (L) of a diagonal through a cube travels from one vertex to the opposite vertex across the empty space of the interior of the cube. It is calculated by multiplying the measured side length (S) of the cube by the square root of 3 (√3).


What is the formula for the volume of a Cube?

V = S3

What is the formula for the volume of a Rectangular Prism?

V = L x W x H

Other Formulae

for cubes with side length S

Cube Surface Area

Cube Face Diagonal
Cube Space Diagonal
Radius of Inscribed Sphere
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A cube is a three dimensional geometry with six equal square faces meeting at ninety degrees along each edge and aligned with each vertex being formed from the intersection of three squares so that a completely enclosed volume is formed
Rectangular Prism
A rectangular prism is a three dimensional geometry with six faces. Unlike a cube the edge legths of each face may be unequal but parallel. Like a cube all faces must meet along the edges and align to form a vertex from the intersection of three faces so that the prism has a completely enclosed volume.

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